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The Feminist Watchers club is a movement dedicated to promoting gender equality, challenging stereotypes, and creating safe and inclusive public spaces. They monitor and document instances of gender-based discrimination, harassment, and violence, advocating for change and reporting them to relevant authorities. The club also works to challenge gender stereotypes in public spaces through activism and awareness campaigns. They support women and marginalized groups, offer assistance, and foster a sense of community. The club educates others about the harmful effects of gender stereotypes and organizes workshops and events to raise awareness. If you are passionate about these goals, you are invited to join the Feminist Watchers club and be part of the movement for change.

Our Values

We are a community of feminists born in this world rooted in advocacy,  guided by the following principles:

What the club will involve:

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This is Part of...

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The Gendered City

"The Gendered City" is an ongoing project that raises awareness about the challenges faced by women in cities and aims to promote gender equity and social justice. Through research, advocacy, and community engagement, the project explores women's experiences in urban environments and advocates for gender-sensitive design and policies. It provides a platform for dialogue and collaboration among women and stakeholders, empowering them to shape more inclusive cities. The project also conducted an online/offline survey to amplify voices and shed light on gender-based harassment and violence in public spaces, aiming to break the stigma and foster collective empowerment for change.

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